M400 PS Junior
Adventure awaits.

M400 PS Junior

M400 PS Jr. combines the capabilities of our M400 base with the versatility of the PS Jr. seating system for the perfect pediatric chair. With a tight turning radius, you'll be able to maneuver through your home with ease. The expandable seat pan allows for a custom fit, so the chair can grow with the child. Plus, the PS Jr. is designed with convenient flipbackarmrests, making transfers a breeze. And thanks to the UniTrack, standard on the PS Jr., you can have a variety of adjustments and accessories for added comfort.

Model Highlights

  • Maximum user weight 75 kg
  • Range (ISO 7176-4) 30 - 35 km
  • Maximum speed 10 - 12 km/h
  • Obstacle height 60 - 80 mm
  • Turning radius (ISO 7176-5) 510 mm

Features & Specs

  • Flexible seat

    Perfect for the growing child. Max user weight 75 kg.
  • UniTrack


    Thanks to the UniTrack rail you can have a variety of adjustments and accessories for added comfort.
  • Maneuver


    With the tight turning radius, your child will be able to maneuver with ease.
  • Climbing

    The Climbing and Traction Link system performs multiple functions, providing overall stability especially while climbing obstacles.


  • Cobalt blue 1.
  • Black Onyx 2.
  • Phantom grey 3.
  • Popstar pink 4.
  • Deep purple 5.
  • Volcano red 6.
  • Sublime green 7.
  • Platinum silver 8.
  1. Cobalt blue
  2. Black Onyx
  3. Phantom grey
  4. Popstar pink
  5. Deep purple
  6. Volcano red
  7. Sublime green
  8. Platinum silver


  • leatherette 1.
  • black fabric 2.
  1. Leatherette
  2. Black fabric


  • Magic Drive Touch

    Magic Drive Touch

    Our alternative control system MagicDrive Touch. Whatever your disability, you will be able to control the wheelchair easily and actively whilst maintaining direct control of your environment and communication with others in everyday life.
  • Thigh supports

  • Table

  • Joystick compact advanced

  • Headrest

  • Tarpaulin

  • Belt, self-adjusting

  • Belt, snap-lock

  • CoPilot, attendant control

  • Crutch holder

  • Footstraps

  • Backpack, incl. hooks

  • Bag hook set

  • Oxygen holder

  • Calf support

M400 PS Junior

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